Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Reflections and Improvements

New year, new experiences
A new year has begun, and it brought new responsibilities and challenges to face. IB is approaching and now it is the crucial time to acquire and refine my school related skills. Last year I had problems with time management, especially with deadlines, but things have changed. I have adopted a series of measures that will help me with this issue I have been battling with for quite some time. First of all, I downloaded the Trello app on my phone, ipad and computer, and it really shows a positive outcome until now. Trello is an app that permits you to organize anything into intuitive cards, its efficiency and organization was just what I needed. I need to work on gaining the habit of updating trello immediately when I have new homework, usually acknowledged when I receive an email from edmodo, although you can activate text messages as well, everything to make the duty of remembering your tasks easier. I took a very strict modus operandi regarding my assignments to maintain discipline in the midst of the endless steamrolling of homework and projects. The rule is that on the day that the work is assigned, it will be done. Simple as it sounds, it is the best way I have found to organize myself and keep up with the work on date.

“Lost time is never found again”
- Benjamin Franklin

Another area where I shall put much more emphasis now is how to study effectively. How to memorize. I have yet another app that proves useful in the area. Based on repetition, active recall and metacognition, Brainscape demonstrates how easy it can be to learn by repetition, if that suits your learning style. It is also important to dedicate time to understand how is the best method for learning based on each individual. I am sure that the SAT history course that some of us are going to take will greatly benefit our memorization and learning skills. Speaking of which, I feel that this year I am ready to face a SAT preparation module. This will help alleviate the IB workload and other tests that are required further on, and having the chance of knocking off one of these in my Sophomore year is an opportunity I cannot simply not comply with. It will also make me feel more acquainted and used to the procedures of taking a SAT, and that could possibly mean not feeling panicked or anxious during an exam, increasing the chance of making mistakes on questions that should be not hard at all.

At last, I plan to actively reflect on how my workflow goes on this new year and seek to improve it steadily. By thorough engagement of my part, I hope to see my grades rise. Some might say that it is nerve racking to know that SAT’s are coming and  we are bearing all the responsibility on our shoulders, but that only makes me more confident with it, as Rory Bremner once said, “I am just fascinated by this reassurance from a menacing figure. It is rather frightening.”, and undoubtedly interesting.


  It’s all about confidence
                                                                   It’s all about confidence.