Sunday, August 19, 2012


"In our first two weeks, you have read two articles, seen several videos and been engaged in several discussions related to the concept of academic leadership. At this point, and in your own words, what does the concept mean to you? What subjects or interests do you have a sophisticated, intellectual understanding of that you may want to turn into a major academic project in this class? How do people sometimes abuse academic knowledge to manipulate others? How would you feel if someone used your work to manipulate others (as Jared Diamond claims Mitt Romney has)? How can creating academically sophisticated, intellectual leaders help prevent such people from taking advantage of others the way they do? How can this create a stronger democratic society?"

The main concept of academy leadership is to manage time and technology using social Medias for more than entertainment effectively whether it is for school or in later years in university, being life-long skills. We develop leadership, group work and many other characteristics necessary for a 21st century student to be successful in his life. I have a great interest in math and science, and I strive to acquire a more intellectual understanding behind all the formulas and postulates, which would be quite interesting in building those into a project.
People who are ignorant get abused by others with greater academic and general knowledge, manipulating them for their own needs and benefits. If I had done a project about something important, and the purpose was distorted by someone I would feel terribly misunderstood, having a need to explain to everyone what the real intention behind my work was.