Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New (old?) Goals

This post will be mainly about my goals for this quarter and the previous one. In this last quarter, stuff didn’t worked as good as it should. I procrastinated so much it actually decreased my grades. Thankfully on the end of that quarter I got a reality face-slap, ‘’waking’’ me up. My thoughts for this quarter are now being SO much more responsible with deadlines and planning ahead. Doing homework for actual learning and emphasizing what we studied in (math) class. I will keep basically the same goals and ideas as before, because I didn't improved that much to acquire newer ones. I was able to manage decently my time for projects and stuff, but it was rather mediocre. I had some serious issues on handing book logs and free writing histories as well (sorry Mr. Mac).

What I feel that I’m currently learning is that if you want something done, don’t keep thinking when you should do it. Just go and finish! I mean, don't stop working on it until it’s done, then you can give yourself a break and head on to the next assignment. Another important thing to add is that each work you finish on time is training to college, where YOU are responsible for everything, be academic or not. It is definitely a great way to train your responsibility. And the good part is that once you get those habits of finishing things earlier, you start to feel bad about yourself if you don’t do it.